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Originally, this series was meant to visually revive my teenage emo journal, a diary that had lost its images to the ephemeral internet and  past self-destructive tendencies. As I worked to restore these lost memories, I realized I also needed to create the photos I was too afraid to take back then.

Still, presented here are the unfiltered entries of my past self and the photos I wish I'd captured, offering a  glimpse into my cringe adolescent world.

"Softkore" started as a small art project but quickly grew beyond my expectations, both in scale and the time it demanded. It evolved into a wide selection of works, each with its own part of the story to tell. There are two unique ways to dive into this narrative:

Firstly, "Softkore" took shape as an interactive art installation, which I had the honor of presenting at the Chamber of Commerce in October 2023. This was a component of the stimulating exhibition "Presentes Múltiples: El habitar como resistencia." During the preparation period, I had the opportunity to introduce the concept to the curators of the Artbo program. This, in turn, allowed me to exhibit the complete oeuvre to the public. Upon visiting, attendees could physically access the piece, which featured three large-format photo prints showcasing the most provocative images of the series. These prints were intended to capture attention and provoke discussions on masculinity, exhibition, and privilege through the visual narrative of the work. Additionally, visitors encountered a random selection of 1-5 out of the 556 photo stickers. When placed within the album, each sticker allowed the viewer to uncover a fragment of the reflections associated with that particular photo, thus engaging with the intellectual aspect of the story. An AMV montage, abstract in nature, conveyed the emotional component of the entire experience.

Alternatively, "Softkore" can be experienced individually, solely through the act of completion on your part. As you engage with your own copy of the album— an interactive photo exercise—you are invited to piece together the project's journey, the visual aspect, the intellectual insights it provokes, and the emotional component derived from the entire exercise, from conception to creation and then your input as it is completed. It's a reflective process that not only reveals the behind-the-scenes efforts but also prompts a deeper consideration of gender, beauty, hate, masculinity and privilege.

Both forms of "Softkore" offer a distinct yet interconnected experience, inviting you to explore the layers of meaning within my work.