Santiago Andrea Arciniegas G贸mez

My art revolves around two main themes: obsessions and fear, with their intertwined complexities. I explore gender roles, trauma, exhibitionism, and their oscillating ramifications in the environment. I also address the construction of identities through media such as sequential art, photography, toys, and mythology.

I am passionate about exploring different forms of art such as illustration, video, and photography. I use my obsessions to creatively immerse myself in profound themes such as identity through fear, physical and psychological obsessions, depression, and other peculiarities of life.

I investigate the chaotic and beautiful aspects of life that often go unnoticed, exploring the past and telling stories through trauma and the imprecision of memory.

I analyze and question individual and social identity, as well as personal and collective fears, through the over-analysis of ritual interactions and public challenges. This includes exploring themes such as self-exploration, humiliation, loneliness, love, exhaustion, friendship, and questions about existence.

Within the realm of graphic art, I create digital pieces that focus on the human form, specifically the male body and its re-signification in contemporary society. I challenge exclusion and toxic masculinity by incorporating feminist themes and role-playing in my work.

My video projects show my love for performance and documentary. In "Pink Slime," a series of surreal videos, a boy dressed in a rabbit suit chases me, asking life-changing questions and then plays pranks on me and humiliates me violently regardless of the response.
Additionally, my video essays delve into seemingly superficial geek and nerd themes, deconstructing them into pretentious analyses of sexuality, politics, desires, and more.

Photography is another field I explore with enthusiasm. In my photo book "School Lies," I capture self-portraits that embody my fixations, traumas, and transformed memories from my school days. Then, with "Softkore - I take you on a deep 5-year journey to the iconic photography of male bodies that dominated the early-century emo scene.

In my storytelling projects, I immerse myself in the world of sequential art as a perpetuator of mythologies and finally make a claim of what is considered "canonical." I delve into the void between the lack of local media production/distribution and the consumption of modern but foreign mythologies, exploring the appropriation and decontextualization created in this limbo.

Currently, I am working on a project where I mix documentary, bootleg, and fanfic elements to explore the mythical concept of the fictional hero. I seek to question the focus of action comics by addressing themes such as childhood, gay life, fetish awakening, asexuality, and chronic loneliness.

Lastly, I find my element in obsessive behavior, collecting images, scenarios, experiences, toys, and collectibles. I venture discreetly to curate an eclectic variety of "virtual installations," each exploring diverse themes. One of these blogs captures fascinating and out-of-context gifs from the relatively unknown French animated series Clementine (1986), while another delves into the intricate production journey of figures manufactured in Colombia in the 90s. I channel my obsessive tendencies, obsessing over completing perceived gaps and creating intricate worlds that shape my identity.

Hi there! I'm Santiago Andrea Arciniegas, a visual artist from the chaotic city of Bogot谩. Growing up, I often felt out of sync with the world around me鈥攎y family, school, and the wider society. I've always had this way of seeing things, paying close attention to the details, and sometimes I get a bit caught up in my own thoughts and rituals. They're tough to deal with, but they also push me to dive deep into my creative work.

I'm pretty much self-taught in graphic design and the basics of web design. I've always loved collecting and curating things, which has fueled my endless curiosity. When I was younger, I spent some time in England, which really opened my eyes to new cultures and sparked my love for the English language and performing arts. Coming back home, I again turned inward and started my  artistic journey in 2007, navigating through attention deficits, deep spells of depression, and a fear of the outdoors.

Since I was 12, I've hosted my own websites, blogs and online spaces, sharing my photos, stories, poetry, and art. I've always been fascinated by my own gender, by an early sense of nostalgia, the things we see on screens and how they shape our views on adolescence, identity, and solitude鈥攖hemes I often explore in my work.

In college, I dabbled in video performance and even got some recognition through a university contest. Together with my partner, we started an art collective called Desm忙nok, now known as Softcreatures, where we dive into illustration and sequential art.

Since 2012 I delved more deeply into  photography, especially self-portraits, tries to capture the raw and imagined moments from my childhood, showing vulnerability and a sense of isolation. I mix my graphic design skills with photography to create something unique. In 2018, I published my first art photography book through crowdfunding and in 2023, finished his second big project as aprt of a collective  exhibition in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.

Right now, he works on a series o short format art documentaries hoted and narrated by me, in which i search to find my own voice, literally and artistically. 

My work delves into themes like privilege, obsessions, fear, and identity, and through it, I aim to build meaningful connections with you, encouraging reflection and a fresh look at what's often overlooked. My artistic voyage is all about visual storytelling and exploring the human experience. Can't wait to see where it takes me next!